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New On TCEA Moodle HUB!
by Ken Task - Tuesday, 14 September 2010, 08:00 AM
A Moodle How 2 collection/resource. If you're Moodle was MNet'd to the Moodle HUB at TCEA, your people could have access to a resource you didn't have to develop!

See it just below. Guest access allowed .. with key. Key is in between () of course title.

Yours, in the 'spirit of sharing',

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The hub of TCEA's Moodle(s)/Network.
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Consider this site ...

... to be a work in progress - concept. While the basics for Moodle networking Moodle servers and various anticipated categories for collaboration (a 21st century skill) has been established, none ... as of yet ... have been implemented to the fullest extent. But, with just a few mouse clicks, we can begin!

If you (a teacher, a technology coordinator/director, an administrator) are interested in the concept, contact the MoodleMaster: ktask at for more information and human interaction/discussion.
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